Free-form Creation myth

New action.

The deity Norill has come into existence.

Norill has created the planet domain.

OOC post.

This whole post if out of character, fyi.

As the more observant among you may have noticed, not much has occurred of late. This has been because I have been working on an essay which is now finished. I will be more active again in short order.

Non OOC bit:

The deity Norill has come into existence.

Stone Developments
Events transpire on the stone planet.

Koloar the Sphinx has been killed in combat by Starasha the Crystal Sphinx. Much of her pod has joined Lorntvar’s pod.

Lorntvar of the Sphinx has constructed a great city about her oasis. Its gates are open to all who wander the planet.

New Creations
New things of all varieties, except gods.

The cult, Followers of the Martyr has sprung up on stone, and is rapidly growing in numbers.

Epyon has created the Temple of Crystal Truth and its inhabitants.

The Shining Ones have created a new planet and orb in The Void. The Planet is to be known as Shal’damore.

Darya of the crystal giants has been given the gender male, and his wife Midguardia has been given the gender of female by Elamorre.

Crystal Giants now glow when they are in love, so Darya and Midgaurdia have taken it upon themselves to take the message of love amongst their peoples.

March of the demons
Xande creates new servants, and aids the war on Fire.

Xande has created seven Greater Demons and divided his realm between them.

Xande has created a multitude of lesser demons to serve him and his lieutenants.

Chieftain’s tribe have gone into hiding as Xande’s Kuldar Empire has taken control of the planet of Fire.

Lorntvar of the Sphinx was involved in combat with Konrosir the Sphinx who is now dead.

Wiki overhaul
General improvements for everything.

//I have been working all night, and all day to update the wiki to provide better information, as well as more of it.

//The pages should now be easier to read and better laid out, and if you’re lucky you’ll find a picture or two as well.

Another few events
I need a better naming scheme.

Xande has been active through out-existence.

Xande has joined Archibald, Serael and the Shining Ones as having a large worshipper base.

//Rorg and Epyon have a small worshipper base among Sphinx; Elamorre has a very small worshipper base with members from each sentient species, everyone else has none at all.

Xande has fought with Chieftain of the Jury.

Xande has created a new plane – Prison of Xande.

Elamorre has created Angelics.

Chieftain of the Jury has been returned to his tribe by Archibald more powerful than ever, and is leading them in war against the tribes that worship Xande.

Serael has created The Reach, a plane between planes that can be seen in the skies of all, though most clearly in the skies of The Void.

Further developments
After a brief lull in conspicuous actions

The Sanctuary has come into being.

//In out of game news a list of sentient species has been added to the wiki. Read it here.

What happened next...

A great fortress has been built on the metal planet.

Xande has made it so that the spirits of the deceased are pulled to his realm.

Archibald has created a race of wardens and placed one on each planet in The Void and one in each of the deities’ planes.

The Shining Ones have gifted a shining orb to each deity.

The Great Crystals in the Void split, and now four crystals orbit the planets of Light, Dark, Aether and Electric.

The beginning
The first creations

The deities popped into existence and set about changing it to their whims.

Archibald pondered a moment and made the first plane.

Tamadon declared his Lordship over the other deities.

Elamorre, Xande, Ozael, Tamadon and Epyon created planes as Archibald did.

The Void was created, bringing with it Time and Space, it also served to separate the realms of Tamadon and Epyon.

Part of The Shining Ones appeared in each plane in existence.

Flogris sent a message of greeting to all deities.

Rorg created a planet orbiting each of the 9 orbs in The Void. Each planet is dominated by a different aspect.


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