Free-form Creation myth

Another few events

I need a better naming scheme.

Xande has been active through out-existence.

Xande has joined Archibald, Serael and the Shining Ones as having a large worshipper base.

//Rorg and Epyon have a small worshipper base among Sphinx; Elamorre has a very small worshipper base with members from each sentient species, everyone else has none at all.

Xande has fought with Chieftain of the Jury.

Xande has created a new plane – Prison of Xande.

Elamorre has created Angelics.

Chieftain of the Jury has been returned to his tribe by Archibald more powerful than ever, and is leading them in war against the tribes that worship Xande.

Serael has created The Reach, a plane between planes that can be seen in the skies of all, though most clearly in the skies of The Void.



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