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  • Rorg

    Large centaur like being, all body is leaf green but torso is slightly lighter colour, bark pattern on horse part. With brown eyes and hair down to small of back. Pointy ears. Torso solid looking, but not overly muscular; horse part shire horse build.

  • Fire

    One of the nine planets in [[The Void]]. This planet has fire as the dominant element. *Overview* This planet orbits very close to its Orb, and four giant, jagged and uneven crystal slowly orbit this planet. The planets surface is mostly …

  • Water

    One of the nine planets within [[The Void]], water is the dominant element on this planet. *Overview* This planet orbits its Orb at a reasonable distance, most of the planet feels tropical in temperature though the poles are noticeably colder they …

  • Aether

    This is the air dominated member of the nine planets [[Rorg]] created. It orbits one of the great orbs in [[The Void]]. *Overview* This is a very large planet, which four great jagged crystals, their edges uneven and asymmetrical, orbit gently. …

  • Stone

    One of the nine planets in [[The Void]], this is the stone dominated planet. *Overview* This grand planet is splintered and orbits its orb erratically, though the six majestic, though splintered and worn, crystals that orbit it follow it beautifully …

  • Metal

    This is the metal dominated of the nine planets within [[The Void]]. *Overview* This is a small, dense planet. Four grand crystals each take their own path of orbit about this planet. The surface of the metal planet is one of physical hardship - …

  • Sonic

    This planet is more static charge and storms than solid ground, though small lumps of it exist admit the chaos that makes up the Sonic dominant planet. *Overview* The Sonic planet is a large storm, ever raging, a nexus of energy. A small number of …

  • Electric

    This is one of the nine planets within [[The Void]]. This planet has Electric as its dominant element. *Overview* This planet has a small core with a large atmosphere filled with constant storms. High above the storms are four huge, majestically, …

  • Sphinx

    | _A imperious stone beast stands before you, it has the body of a lion, yet the face of an attractive humanoid woman, though her mouth is filled with sharp fangs. Above her front pair of shoulders reach splendid wings coated in stone feathers_. |

  • Tripeds

    Silent, three legged sentients who roam across the [[light|planet of Light]] communicating via the many lights on their bodies. *Physiology* A Triped stands at two metres tall. The three legs of the Tripeds look precarious at first, but somehow …

  • The Conciousness

    The Conciousness is the only mind to exist on [[Electric]], but it is present in almost every body on the planet. *Physiology* The Conciousness of Lightning is a single mind which controls all living beings natural to [[Electric]] as if they were …

  • Seiri

    Sentient Shadows that feed on darkness. *Physiology* Seiri absorb the light that hits them, making their features impossible to make out other than that they are gaunt, humanoid figures. They can be difficult to notice as they can only be seen if …

  • Rock Worms

    | _The massive trunk of what you had supposed to be rock suddenly moves at an alarming speed, and the great length of beast tunnels deeper into the ground and is soon out of sight..._ |

    Aqua Roma

    The small blob of water flows across the desolate landscape at a surprising pace, picking up small pieces of stone and other detritus as it goes. *Physiology* Aqua Roma have a lot in common with single celled organisms, they are just much larger. …

  • Shadows

    _Within the darkness of a crack in the stone that makes up the planets surface the presence watching you would be unnoticeable if not for the pair of small, glowing red pin pricks in the darkness_. *Physiology* Shadows do not cast a shadow, all they …

  • Magma Fish

    | _You are able to make out a constant shape in the slow moving magma, a small sleek shape, no more than two feet long. You are just about able to realise it looks like a fish made of solid magma before it darts back into the molten depths_. |

    Ash Rat

    | _A large rat, its fur burning though the creature doesn't seem to mind. It darts across the charred landscape keeping out the way of its many predators_. | Ash Rat | *Physiology …

  • Flame Snake

    _This serpent slowly slithers across the scored landscape of Fire, the pattern its black scales pick out from the red majority is evokes flames in ones imagination._ *Physiology* Flame Snakes can grow up to two metres long, but most stop growing …

  • Fire Elemental

    | _The flames in front of you move deliberately towards you, and it almost looks like the fire has arms and it is seeking to drape those arms, of fire about you. This is not ordinary fire, but living fire! A fire elemental!_ |

    Earth Elemental

    | _The mass of stone and earth suddenly lashes out at you and would've bludgeoned you into two pieces had you taken a split second longer to react. What appeared to be small mound rises turns out to be a mighty Earth Elemental!_ |


    | _The metal monster moved quickly, much quicker than something of its size should move. In a second it had felled a Kuldar beneath one of its mighty legs, but its eyes were still looking about for more prey..._ |


    | _A great shadow passed through the water below, the brief feel of water being moved by something large near by, but then it was too late! The great beast's jaws closed and it was over._ |

    Giant Dragonfly

    | _The great insect rules the skies, darting down to steal away fish from the water and mammals from the islands. If an observer is unlucky it may even take them..._ | Giant Dragonfly

  • Pliosaur

    | _The great beast would not stop, it seemed impervious to pain and did not seem to tire. Soon I will be exhausted and it will catch up with me... and there is nothing I can do._ |

    Water Elemental

    | _The water about you roars in anguish as it begins to beat itself against your boat, rocking it from side to side each rock getting closer and closer to... Splash! You're in the water and the last thing you feel is the Water Elemental force itself into …

  • Gliders

    _Long, diaphanous worms glide through the air, membranes extrude from either side of the creature as it silently glides through the air, its small mouth snapping at detritus in the air._ *Physiology* Gliders can grow up to fourty centimetres long, …

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