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  • Dark

    This planet orbits its orb in such a way that half of it never receives light from its orb while the other is permanently bathed in light. Four great crystals gracefully orbit the planet - though the crystals themselves are marred and imperfect. Jagged …

  • Kuldar Empire

    Ruled by [[Emperor Graveth]] from the city created by [[Xande]]. They rule the surface of the planet of [[fire]]. They have a long history of being conquered and warring with [[Chieftain's tribe|Chieftain's Kuldar]].

  • Chothuaell city

    "Do not be scared newcomer; the Chothuaell are peaceful and learned, and this is one of the greatest houses of learning in the planes. Come, let me show you around." A great, sprawling city at the depths of the ocean that covers [[water]]. …

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