This is the air dominated member of the nine planets Rorg created. It orbits one of the great orbs in The Void.


This is a very large planet, which four great jagged crystals, their edges uneven and asymmetrical, orbit gently.

Tall, spindly trees dots the surface of the planet with great lung like branch systems reaching high into the sky.

Among these trees thin creatures glide hunting the small insect like seeds for the trees that fill the air close to the planet’s surface.

High above the surface slow moving beings that look like clouds drift across the sky.

The Wind, yet another creature dashes about being especially strong among the trees where they rustle the leaves to feed off of the sound. Away from the trees the occasional air elemental creates a wind flow as it moves across the planet.

One of the middling sized island, more removed from other land than most, has an area devoid of trees where many crystal grow in differing patterns.


Aether Wind

Other life


Places of interest

Crystal Isle


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