Chieftain's Territory

The majority of the north-western region of the main continent is under the control of Chieftain of the Jury and his tribe.


The North-west region is much like the rest of the planet of Fire: barren and scorching hot.

Ash Rats are more populous here than elsewhere on the planet due to the existence of Green Fire Plant, which covers a large proportion of the non-molten ground in the region, which despite the best efforts of a large number of Kuldar, the Ash Rats are still able to feed on.

Large stone towers are under construction at the edges of Chieftain’s territory, the few that have been completed house two Kuldar warriors from Chieftain’s tribe armed with slings and numerous stones.

Individuals of Note

Chieftain of the Jury, the ruler of this land.

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Chieftain's Territory

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