Chieftain's Tribe

Chieftain’s Tribe was once a powerful tribe that ruled the north-west region. Following the founding of the Kuldar Empire, they have been forced into hiding. Though no longer hunted, his people still live in their underground retreat.


Archibald created a great city under the surface of planet fire so that the Kuldar who worshipped him had a place to hide from the forces of Mamon tasked with hunting them down. Archibald also gifted them all with the power of invisibility.

Once again led by Chieftain of the Jury, they have grown accustomed to their new underground home.

They were hunted by the Kuldar Empire that worships Xande, who the tribe have a long history of war with, so are naturally distrustful of them though officially at peace.

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Chieftain of the Jury the Kuldar who is a hero to the tribe.

Chieftain’s territory is the land the tribe used to resides in.

Archibald, the patron deity of the tribe.

Chieftain's Tribe

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