Darya of the Crystal Giants

A prophet of The Shining Ones, Darya is a patient Crystal Giant who spends its time forging glowing metal poles.

Physical Description

Darya is one of the taller Crystal Giants at just over six meters tall, and his tall, gaunt, crystal body is perfectly formed with each corner of Darya’s being exemplary of a Crystal Giant.

Darya’s eyes are those of a kindly old man, and for a Crystal Giant has a rather pleasant voice.

Darya, like all Crystal Giants, reflects and refracts light through his body and as such is often surrounded by rainbows and other such effects.


The Shining Ones revealed themselves to Darya and told the Crystal Giant that it had been chosen to be one of their prophets.

Darya accepted this offer and in time was gifted boons by its deity and master.

Though Darya and Lorntvar, The Shining Ones other prophet on Stone, do not get on both are happy in their services to their common master.

Of late Darya has been secluded in its forge, which has been surrounded by the glowing poles Darya is devoting all its time to crafting.

Abilities and Power

Darya is well respected by its fellow Crystal Giants for its wise words, as well as its above average size.

On top of Darya’s natural abilities, the Crystal Giant was also the first Crystal Giant to know how to smelt and forge metal, a skill which Darya has gone on to teach other Giants.

More recently Darya has been gifted with the ability to forge glowing metal.

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