A perfect, pitch black sphere floating out in the middle of the void. The outside of the sphere is a neigh impenetrable shell of some unidentified rock so black it seems to drink up light around it. The inside, however, contains all manner of rock, soil, ore, and gems.

Notable mineable substances

Glow Quartz: Emits light, the larger and less flawed the rock, the brighter the light.

Caldera Rock: Red rock resembling uncut rubies in appearance, these rocks will, when struck and the right word is uttered, burst into a hot, fierce, smokeless flame. This flame is extinguished when the stone is struck and a second word is uttered. Otherwise the stone stays lit for up to two weeks. The heat and size of the flame depends on the size of the stone: A pebble is like a match, a boulder is capable of melting rock. The command words are known only to Norill, the Scarabs, and whoever he chooses to teach them to. All others must figure it out on their own through experimentation and luck.

Sea Stone: Blue rock resembling uncut sapphires. Operates exactly like the Caldera Rock, except that it will create a steady stream of water equivalent to the size of the stone. (i.e. a pebble creates a trickle, a boulder creates a tidal wave)

Noridite: An ore that is incredibly hard to work with, it can be forged into an incredibly strong yet lightweight metal.

Notable Locations

The Keep

Gate Caverns: Each gate cavern is large enough to contain a village, and has the means to support life. This means large glow-quartz’s embedded in the ceiling for light, a river or spring, and as much edible fungus as you can eat. The dirt is good for planting, as long as someone finds a way to fertilize it, and there is plenty of rock for construction. In the centre of each cavern is a gate connected to a gate somewhere else in Creation.



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