Kuldar have two sexes.

Males can grow to almost five feet tall. They tend to be broader and stockier than the females of the species.

Females grow to just above four feet in height, and though less stocky and broad than the male of the species are still muscular and bulky.

Both have flames for hair, that slowly grows throughout their life as if it were non-flaming hair.


Kuldar are a primitive people when compared to some of the other sentient races in existence, but they are fast learners.

Kuldar craftsmen create shrines to Serael, who they revere for his metallurgy.

Much of the large northern continent’s population worship Archibald as an ultimate deity.

Kuldar are hunter gathers for the majority, and value the simple copper jewellery they can make.

Kuldar are not adverse to violence, and currently a great war of conquest wages on the northern continent.

The Kuldar of the northern continent refer to themselves as The Samman, and the Kuldar not under the leadership of Chieftain of the Jury as Norog.


Fire and Xande’s domain

Notable individuals

Chieftain of the Jury

Rodok the Greeter


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