This planet orbits its orb in such a way that half of it never receives light from its orb while the other is permanently bathed in it. In slow orbit of the planet are 4 grand crystals, each of the orbiting crystals looks worn and tired as it goes on its slow orbit.

Small motes of light drift about the light half of the planet, though are none to be found near the edge of the great clusters of crystal groves that now cover a quarter of the light side of the planet. The light motes now occupy most of the twilight belt border region, where they are forcing the darkness back, illuminating parts of the planet that were until now entirely dark.

Although most of the crystals are massive, there are five groves in the very centre of the group that defy belief with their sheer scale. All of the groves of crystals grow elegantly like the petals of flowers upwards. Each crystal has five perfectly symmetrical arms emerging from each of their five perfectly symmetrical sides. Each of the five angular arms reaches up and away from the main body of the crystal towards the light. The crystal groves are all identical, but are incrementally smaller, the further from the centre they are located.

One crystal in one of the large groves is different. It is difficult to see, as it is now dwarfed in size by its neighbors, and also because it alone of all of them stands cracked and dull. It seems lifeless and empty compared to the flawless identical others that surround it. It seems frozen in time, unable to progress, like a monument to some great sin.


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