list of intelligent life

Extraplanar species

Angelics – Created by Elamorre to safeguard her chosen.

The Wardens – Created by Archibald and placed through out existence.

The Crystal Truth – Created by Epyon and found mostly within The Temple of Crystal Truth

Xande’s Domain

Demons – Created by Xande to populate his domain.

The Void


Kuldar – A species of short, stocky humanoids with flames for their hair.


Chothuaell – A species of sentient giant squid with mild psychic abilities.


Wind – The wind of planet aether is in reality a multitude of sentient beings.


Sphinx – The Sphinx wander the surface of Stone in small pods.

Crystal Giants – The Crystal Giants are great humanoids with crystal skins they can control the movements of to reflect and refract light through themselves.

Crystal Sphinx – A new, rare subspecies of Sphinx that is found in Lorntvar’s pod.


Tripeds – The three legged creatures of Light communicate with a multitude of lights.


Seiri – Shadow people who feed on the lack of light.


Scarabs – Steam powered insects that live within the planet.

list of intelligent life

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