Lorntvar of the Sphinx

A prophet of The Shining Ones who preaches knowledge and learning.

Physical Description

Lorntvar looks powerful even for a Sphinx, she moves with deadly grace and each movement, even one as simple as a footstep follows a mathematical pattern that amuses Lorntvar as she takes the step.

Lorntvar is a rich golden brown colour, with her large majestic wings being paler than the rest of her. Her light green eyes hint at an intellect and force of will known to few Sphinx.


With a riddle that all Sphinx who have pondered it have deemed unsolvable, Lorntvar took control of her pod and has since expanded it to make it the largest group of Sphinx in existence.

Lorntvar’s pod now contains over a hundred Sphinx, all eight Crystal Sphinx and four Crystal Giants.

Lorntvar can now often be found at the Oasis on Stone that has come to be called Lorntvar’s Oasis, where the Sphinx leader is often engaged in deep study of magic.

Abilities and Power

Lorntvar is the first non-deity to have control of magic, and is adept with its use, learning and improving her skills with it at a rapid rate.

Lorntvar is also the most physically powerful Stone Sphinx, which combined with her genius level intelligence and magic skills make her a dangerous opponent.

Lorntvar has been gifted with the ability to help Crystal Giants reproduce which forms the basis of trade between the two species.

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