Lorntvar's Oasis

Lorntvar of the Sphinx’s base of operation, and home of her pod.


This Oasis is many miles west of the other oasis, and unlike it does not have an altar or light poles, though the water itself glows gently. Most of Lorntvar’s pod of Sphinx have taken up permanent residency near this oasis. The small fraction of it that does not never strays too far. Crystal Sphinx and a small number of smaller crystal giants live here too.

A grand city is built about the oasis, the water from which is channelled throughout the city’s streets. It is walled with great walls of water, which part to allow four grand paths through into the city.


Stone Sphinx

Crystal Sphinx

Crystal Giants


Lorntvar of the Sphinx

Tarryn the Crystal Maiden

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Lorntvar's Oasis

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