Lorntvar's Pod

Lorntvar’s pod is the largest pod of Sphinx in existence, it is also the only pod to contain Crystal Sphinx. Four adolescent Crystal Giants live with the pod and are loyal to Lorntvar of the Sphinx.


Lorntvar of the Sphinx rules this pod, and is quick to assimilate any pods she encounters into her own to increase its size.

The pod now numbers at one hundred and twenty seven Stone Sphinx, all twenty-three Crystal Sphinx in existence and four Crystal Giants.

Lorntvar’s pod live in the city built at Lorntvar’s Oasis and the surrounding territories.

Lorntvar encourages worship of The Shining Ones amongst the Sphinx in her pod, Lorntvar tells her followers to shun those who openly disregard this instruction.

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Lorntvar of the Sphinx is leader of this pod.

Crystal sphinx are only found in this pod.

Lorntvar’s pod inhabits the planet of Stone.

Lorntvar's Pod

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