This is the metal dominated of the nine planets within The Void.


This is a small, dense planet. Four grand crystals each take their own path of orbit about this planet.

The surface of the metal planet is one of physical hardship – jagged mountains and valleys cover most of the land, slow moving molten metal rivers weave their way about the planet in everlasting circuits. Sometimes patches of ground burst into flames.

One region of the planet is dominated by a large iridescent tower. An unnatural beauty contrasted against the harsh, natural beauty of the planet.

On the other side of the planet from The Tower, groves of crystals are growing.




Magma Fish

Quicksilver Leonis

Quicksilver Oncis

Quicksilver Pardis

Golden tentacle things

Water spitters

Water Slappers

Locations of interest

The Tower

Crystal Groves on Metal

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Rorg created the planet.


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