Rock Worms

The massive trunk of what you had supposed to be rock suddenly moves at an alarming speed, and the great length of beast tunnels deeper into the ground and is soon out of sight… Rock Worm


Rock worms are hatch at only a few centimetres long, but they grow at an extraordinary rate and within two years it will be fully grown, averaging at twelve metres long and four metres thick.

Rock Worms are blind, but can sense other beings by detecting vibrations in their surroundings through their sensitive skin. A Rock Worm’s head is nothing more than a large maw, filled with ever grinding teeth that it uses to chew through the rock and anything unlucky enough to be in its way.

Primary location

Rock Worms can be found on both Fire and Stone.

The Rock Worms of Fire only grow up to ten metres, but are able to swim through magma.

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//Notes – pic from HeyLookItsAMoose’s deviant art.

Rock Worms

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