Inhabiting Domain is a race of clockwork insects called Scarabs. Each Scarab is noticeably unique in design, but all have six limbs, stand upright (using either two or four limbs as legs), and are built from a framework of brass, copper, and steel. Scarabs also each have noticeable steam vents, though these vary widely with each design. Scarabs are often built with an overall purpose in mind: One might be light and fast, using all six limbs for movement to act as a scout or a message runner, while another might simply be a giant drill on legs.

At the heart of each scarab is a delicate steam motor built using caldera rock and sea stone. Pressure from the steam is used both to drive the Scarab’s limbs and mechanisms, as well as the Scarab’s cogitator, a series of switches that act as the scarab’s brain.

Primary Location

Domain is the only place known to house Scarabs, the highest concentration is at The Keep at the centre of the planet.


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