This planet is formed from the elements in balance with each other.

Though some areas are dominated by a particular element, these regions are especially common about the poles and the equator.

A small number of pathetic looking mammals hop across the land scape. They are the size of a small house cat, with a goat like head framed with two useless looking horns.

There are also long legged, docile looking beasts that wander the land in herds, that look like ant eaters, but resembling horses.

Within the seas, large walrus like creatures roam the oceans of the planet, growing smaller and their coarse fur thicker the closer one gets to the poles.

In contrast, two mighty dragons – one red, the other gold wing through the planets atmosphere. Above them are nine slowly orbiting crystals that orbit the planet.

Four groves of deep-blue crystals are growing on this planet.

One is in a desert close to the equator. This grove is comprised of nine groups of thirteen single crystals, which grow straight upwards towards the sun. The sand around their bases is more yellow and powdery than the rest of the desert. They each have six sides which come to a pointed top. They do not reflect the light and are semi-translucent. They emit a feeling of unease, and no beings are entirely at ease in their presence.

The second is growing on a small island. One grove of three clusters of five crystals. These crystals are also deep blue, but give out a gentle hum and feeling of sanctuary, though it seems sacriligious to touch them.

The third is growing deep in the frozen wastes, far from the equator. They are deep blue and sit in puddles of water, where the ice has melted around their bases and cannot re-freeze. There are eight clusters of nine crystals arranged in a rough diamond-shape.

The fourth is growing on a temperate continent, half-way up a moderate mountain. There are six clusters of nine deep-blue crystals, which emit the same hum and aura as the second grove.


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