A imperious stone beast stands before you, it has the body of a lion, yet the face of an attractive humanoid woman, though her mouth is filled with sharp fangs. Above her front pair of shoulders reach splendid wings coated in stone feathers. Stone Sphinx


The Sphinx are almost all female, about one in ten is a male.

All Sphinx are powerful looking creatures, their stone muscles toned to nigh perfection in each case.

Wings covered in stone feathers reach from their shoulders majestically.

Their faces, though stone are expressive.


Sphinx live in small tribal pods that migrate in constant movement across the planet. Each pod is lead by the Sphinx with the hardest riddle with whoever solves it becoming next leader of the pod.

A small group of Sphinx have taken up permanent residence by the only non-living source of water on the planet: an oasis at the edge of which an altar to Archibald sits. Each day a pint of water is sacrificed on this altar. The leader of the pod that resides at this settlement is Rakanavar of the Jury. A crystal giant can usually be found here as well.

A growing number of sphinx, under the tutelage of Lorntvar of the Sphinx are able to induce procreation within crystal giants. This product has become the basis of trade between the two people, the crystal giants offering their metalwork skills in return for young.


60% Follow The Shining Ones

17% are Followers of the Martyr

13% Follow Archibald

8% Follow Epyon

2% Follow Rorg

Primary Location


Notable Individuals

Rakanavar of the Jury

Lorntvar of the Sphinx

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//Pic from Dungeons and Dragons 3.x Monster Manual


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