One of the nine planets in The Void, this is the stone dominated planet.


This grand planet is splintered and orbits its orb erratically, though the six majestic, though splintered and worn, crystals that orbit it follow it beautifully. The planet is often wracked by earthquakes and tectonic activity. Occasionally the tectonic movement causes a caldera where one can look down and see the occasional magma fish swimming through the molten rock.

Great rock worms tunnel through and eat the stone that makes up this world, occasionally breaching the surface for a moment in their never-ending journey to find a mate and to get enough nutrition from the rocks. Among the rocks lurk shadows waiting out of the light to grab prey.

Small amorphous blobs roll across the surface of the planet sucking up small bits of detritus for food. While horse sized sphinx move in packs avoiding the feet of massive crystal giants, rainbows of light reflecting and refracting off of them into the distance.

Two oases stand out against this otherwise barren world, the larger of the two oasis has a few crude structures built at its side and more greenery growing on its banks. In a small mountain side near this settlement is a huge doorway. The second Oasis is the better part of a days trek away from this oasis is found next to an ornate stone church – home to The Stone Chapter.

A great distance from the two oases is a grand city, ringed with water and made up of towers and floating platforms that dot the sky around it.

In a quiet corner of the desert, far from the oases, nine crystal groves are growing in circle.

Sentients of Stone:


Crystal Giants

Crystal Sphinx

Other life on Stone:

Rock Worms

Aqua Roma


Magma Fish

Earth Elemental

Places of interest on Stone:

Archibald’s Oasis

Lorntvar’s Oasis

Crystal Groves

The Stone Chapter

Notable individuals on Stone:

Lorntvar of the Sphinx

Darya of the Crystal Giants

Ryris of the Jury

Rakanavar of the Jury

Tarryn the Crystal Maiden

Coppin of the Crystal Truth

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Lorntvar’s Pod is the largest Sphinx pod on the planet.

Stone is a planet within The Void.

Stone and the life upon was created by Rorg.


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