Temple of Crystal Truth

“Although the sword is often used in lieu of conversation, the power of words can never be taken away.” -Virgil, of The Crystal Truth

The Temple of the Crystal Truth is a fortified library and church to Epyon, built on the surface of the sun orbited by the Planet of Fire. It is carved from white stone and can be clearly seen from the planet’s surface as a speck against the fires of the orb.

It was built and is maintained by The Crystal Truth, an echelon of angelic scholar-priests created by Epyon.

Within the temple, it is a comfortable temperature, despite the incalculable temperatures outside. It is lit by candles and always filled with long, peaceful chanting. The chants of the Crystal Truth; the only creations of Epyon to communicate verbally, are in the Language of Origin. They are extremely long and florid, and can be used as extremely powerful magical incantations. Here follow some commonly chanted phrases:

“Through faith; you will need no other armour”

“Through truth; you will undo even the divine”

“Through calm; you will find your way to Your Origin”

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