The Sanctuary

Nobody knows exactly who created this lush and beautiful land, which acts as a safe-haven for the oppressed, the tired, the poor and any others who require shelter.

Any sentient being that desires asylum from their past life can enter Sanctuary. The only requirements are that the being must be willing to work and to be at peace with all others, and that nothing of their past life can be brought along. No weapons. No possessions. Nothing. Everybody here begins the same. As long as a being will accept this, they will never be turned away.

Similarly, the spirit or soul of any sentient being that has died, after living what is deemed as a good life, is given the choice to enter Sanctuary before being drawn into Xande’s Domain. The requirements to have lived a good life are very loose, and only the most cruel and wicked are not allowed this choice.

Within this paradise there is no hunger or pain, for there is food and shelter enough that each person that enters may live comfortably. Nobody starves yet nobody lives in opulence. There is always work to be done; physical, mental and spiritual work for each inhabitant of The Sanctuary each day. Each inhabitant works to their ability, never slacking, never becoming exhausted, but performing the right amount of work that they can be proud of their toil and truly enjoy their rest and recreation. This is not an easy life, by any means, but it is a safe one. In Sanctuary acts of violence or aggression are unthinkable. This is a place of harmony where none can exert their will at another’s expense.

Though a deity may cast their eye over the plane, no beings may enter this realm until they are at the point in their existence where they may enter permanently.

The Sanctuary

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