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  • Fire

    One of the nine planets in [[The Void]]. This planet has fire as the dominant element. *Overview* This planet orbits very close to its Orb, and four giant, jagged and uneven crystal slowly orbit this planet. The planets surface is mostly …

  • Chieftain of the Jury

    The chieftain of the largest tribe of [[Kuldar]] from the planet of [[Fire]]. He is currently imprisoned by [[Xande]]. Chieftain is also a member of The Jury of [[The Courtroom]] *Physical Description* Chieftain is larger and more physically …

  • Rock Worms

    | _The massive trunk of what you had supposed to be rock suddenly moves at an alarming speed, and the great length of beast tunnels deeper into the ground and is soon out of sight..._ |

    Magma Fish

    | _You are able to make out a constant shape in the slow moving magma, a small sleek shape, no more than two feet long. You are just about able to realise it looks like a fish made of solid magma before it darts back into the molten depths_. |

    Fire Crystal Groves

    *Description* Dozens of clusters of deep-green coloured crystals are scattered all over one of the moderately-sized islands in the south east region of the planet. There are four crystals per grove, which are growing manically in all directions, …

  • Ash Rat

    | _A large rat, its fur burning though the creature doesn't seem to mind. It darts across the charred landscape keeping out the way of its many predators_. | Ash Rat | *Physiology …

  • Flame Snake

    _This serpent slowly slithers across the scored landscape of Fire, the pattern its black scales pick out from the red majority is evokes flames in ones imagination._ *Physiology* Flame Snakes can grow up to two metres long, but most stop growing …

  • Chieftain's Territory

    The majority of the north-western region of the main continent is under the control of [[Chieftain of the Jury]] and [[Chieftain's tribe|his tribe]]. *Overview* The North-west region is much like the rest of the planet of [[Fire]]: barren and …

  • Chieftain's Tribe

    Chieftain's Tribe was once a powerful tribe that ruled the north-west region. Following the founding of the [[Kuldar Empire]], they have been forced into hiding. Though no longer hunted, his people still live in their underground retreat. *Overview* …

  • Fire Elemental

    | _The flames in front of you move deliberately towards you, and it almost looks like the fire has arms and it is seeking to drape those arms, of fire about you. This is not ordinary fire, but living fire! A fire elemental!_ |


    | _The metal monster moved quickly, much quicker than something of its size should move. In a second it had felled a Kuldar beneath one of its mighty legs, but its eyes were still looking about for more prey..._ |

    Flaming Mote

    | _The almost humanoid balls of flame threw themselves at each other again, some disappearing in a violent explosion when they met, others joining to make one larger form. And then they did it again, each flaming figure lasting no more than five runs._ | …

  • Kuldar Empire

    Ruled by [[Emperor Graveth]] from the city created by [[Xande]]. They rule the surface of the planet of [[fire]]. They have a long history of being conquered and warring with [[Chieftain's tribe|Chieftain's Kuldar]].

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