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  • March of the demons

    Xande has created seven [[Greater Demons]] and divided his realm between them. Xande has created a multitude of [[lesser demons]] to serve him and his lieutenants. [[Chieftain's tribe]] have gone into hiding as Xande's [[Kuldar Empire]] has taken …

  • Rodok

    A [[Kuldar]], Rodok the Greeter has been tasked by [[Xande]] to welcome new arrivals to [[Xande's domain|his realm]]. *Physical Description* Rodok is just under five feet tall, and as well muscled as one would expect a [[Kuldar]] to be. His long …

  • Chieftain of the Jury

    The chieftain of the largest tribe of [[Kuldar]] from the planet of [[Fire]]. He is currently imprisoned by [[Xande]]. Chieftain is also a member of The Jury of [[The Courtroom]] *Physical Description* Chieftain is larger and more physically …

  • Kuldar Empire

    Ruled by [[Emperor Graveth]] from the city created by [[Xande]]. They rule the surface of the planet of [[fire]]. They have a long history of being conquered and warring with [[Chieftain's tribe|Chieftain's Kuldar]].

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