Chieftain of the Jury

The chieftain of the largest tribe of Kuldar from the planet of Fire. He is currently imprisoned by Xande. Chieftain is also a member of The Jury of The Courtroom

Physical Description

Chieftain is larger and more physically impressive than other Kuldar, and carries himself with the air of one who has proved that he is as good as he believes himself to be time and time again.

Chieftain often carries a simple copper axe for use in battle, and is typically unarmoured allowing his immortality to protect himself.


As ruler of the largest tribe of Kuldar on Fire, Archibald gave Chieftain the option of taking a place on The Jury of The Courtroom in return for immortality and a language for all Kuldar.

Chieftain eagerly accepted this proposal, and took his name as Chieftain so all who heard his name would know who and what he was.

Since that day Chieftain has led his tribe’s warriors to victory again and again, greatly increasing the land and numbers of people under his control.

When Xande revealed himself to the Kuldar leaders Chieftain refused to accept the self styled God of Death’s demands, and began to fight Xande. Chieftan was unaffected by Xande’s wish to kill him, but before he could strike the deity Chieftain was placed within Xande’s Prison.

Chieftain did not have wait too long before Archibald returned the Juror to his tribe, and bestowed more powers upon him.

Following his realise he waged a short war of revenge on Xande’s Kuldar – but after Mamon was sent to oversee the war on Fire Xande returned him to the prison of Xande.

Following negotiations Chieftain has since returned to once more lead his people.

Abilities and Power

Chieftain is one of the best fighters of the Kuldar peoples, though he relies on his immortality in battle he enjoys a good fight.

Chieftain is also extraordinarily strong and able to turn himself invisible for an indefinite amount of time.

Chieftain is able to create copies of himself to aid in combat, though they disappear when the fighting is done. If there is a limit on how many copies Chieftain can create in a single fight he is yet to find it.

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