One of the nine planets in The Void. This planet has fire as the dominant element.


This planet orbits very close to its Orb, and four giant, jagged and uneven crystal slowly orbit this planet.

The planets surface is mostly solidified magma, with large lakes and inland seas that slowly move across the planet’s surface; slowly changing shape as they do. Small patches of air about this planet will sometimes spontaneously burst into flames.

Mountains and hills have formed where molten rock has been pushed onto the surface of the planet and cooled before it could melt back through the planet’s thin, barely solid crust.

A multitude of small settlements made up of crude stone huts litter the surface of the planet in most areas that are away from the magma seas, these settlements are home to Kuldar tribes, the sole sentient species on the planet. One settlement is much larger than the others, a grand city created by Xande to serve as the capital of The Kuldar Empire

In a large region on the north-west side of the planet there is a peculiar type of green fire that resembles a plant, it is eaten by the Ash Rats and the Kuldar in the region.

The many tribes that follow Xande now share a common banner, united as The Kuldar Empire under Emperor Graveth.

The Kuldar that used to be Chieftain’s tribe now live in a great underground city where, now that peace reigns on Fire, they trade with their surface dwelling cousins.

In south east region are nine clusters of deep-green coloured crystals.

Sentient Species



Emperor Graveth

Chieftain of the Jury


Other species

Rock Worms

Magma Fish

Ash Rat

Flame Snake


Fire Elementals

Locations of interest

Crystal Groves

Chieftain’s territory

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