A Kuldar, Rodok the Greeter has been tasked by Xande to welcome new arrivals to his realm.

Physical Description

Rodok is just under five feet tall, and as well muscled as one would expect a Kuldar to be.

His long flaming hair and beard both come to half way down his torso, and he has a forlorn look about himself.

He is still wearing the crude hide clothing he was wearing the day he died.


Rodok was a normal Kuldar for his entire life, living on the outskirts of the area that is now ruled by Chieftain’s tribe.

One day when out hunting Xande appeared before Rodok and ripped his soul from his body, binding him into Xande’s domain forever more, making Rodok the first soul to enter Xande’s domain.

Once within Xande’s realm, Rodok was tasked with greeting each soul that appears in Xande’s domain at death, informing them of Xande’s few rules and directing them towards somewhere with the realm they may exist in relative happiness, and has performed this task ever since.

Abilities and Power

Other than being a slightly below average Kuldar warrior Rodok has no powers or abilities to speak of.

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