Xande's domain

An infinite, black realm covered in dense fog that prevents you from seeing the floor.

Occasionally one can find a cave in a hill, or a stray slightly insubstantial looking figure wandering the realm, as one draws closer to the centre of the realm these ghostly figures become more common, most of these figures look like Kuldar or one of the many animals that exists, though occasionally a shade resembling another sentient species can be found. Small groups of these ghostly figures appear to have made new homes for themselves in some of the caves near the centre of the realm.

At the centre of the plain rests a huge silver throne, with what looks like a dragon skull on each arm.

A short walk from the throne stands a squat figure with burning hair clad in furs – Rodok the Greeter, who amiably greets those who come to the plane. By his feet runs a great river filled with cold, dark water that extends in each direction as far as can be seen. The odd ghostly fish can be seen darting within.

In the sky one can catch a glimpse of Xophar the Guardian – the first dragon. A gargantuan black dragon that flies across the infinite plane.

Xande's domain

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